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The Earl Wells Memorial Plaque was started in 2005 in memory of Earl Wells, a true animal lover, by friends and members in the Hoosier Llama Alpaca Association. Earl played a fundamental part in establishing the original lama community in Indiana and the Midwest. One of the first llama owners and breeders in this area, he and his wife Jane were owners of the Wells Wild ‘N Wooly Llama Farm in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and started the first llama 4-H program.

Earl was one of the organizers of the original Hoosier Llama Association, later to be changed to the Hoosier Llama Alpaca Association, and played an important part in getting llamas accepted into the Indiana State Fair. Earl was a past president of our state association. A continuous strong, supportive member of the HLAA, Earl could always be found behind the microphone volunteering as announcer at any lama show or event. The Indiana State Fair Show will always conjure up fond memories of Earl’s announcements, jokes, and compliments to the exhibitors.

About the Award

The annual Earl Wells Memorial Award is a perpetual traveling glass sculpture. Beautifully etched with a sunset llama and alpaca scene, it displays the names of all recipients with attached engraved bronze platelets.

HLAA Earl B Wells Memorial Award

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The criteria for this honored award is what Earl will always be remembered for: outstanding involvement with youth, promoting public awareness and knowledge of lamas, commitment to the lama community, and a high degree of lama husbandry and care.

Past Earl B. Wells Memorial Award Winners

  • 2021: Jim Nenni, Allen Davis, Glenn Unzicker
  • 2018: John & Linda Fix
  • 2017: Jim & Pam Young
  • 2015: Gene & Isabella Markle
  • 2014: George & Elaine Brovont
  • 2013: Robert & Jerilyn Mitchell
  • 2012: Glen & Margo Unzicker
  • 2011: John & Linda Fix
  • 2007: Tom & Doris Schlemmer
  • 2006: Marilyn & Jim Nenni
  • 2005: Lynne & Bill Bogardus